My name's Mitchel, and I'm glad you took the time to visit my website.

A few things about me?

Well, I'm originally an islander (from the British Virgin Islands), but I've come to call the city of Killeen, Texas my home. Although I grew up around lots of water and beaches, I'm not much of a swimmer any more (shame, isn't it?). Like most people, I love music, food, spending time with family, laughing at other people's jokes, etc. I also prefer meeting new faces and having others get to know my personality over just talking about myself through words on a screen.

A few things about my photography?

I'm an award-winning photographer currently specializing in portrait photography, however I also photo weddings, events and pets. I've had years of experience as a photographer, have interned with a professional photography studio, and am certified in image post-processing with Adobe Photoshop.